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Too Much, Too Fast

In 2010, a car plowed through my neighbor’s house. In 2012, on Thanksgiving, our car was sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver. July 2016, a car hit our house. It destroyed our hedges and fence, bouncing off the house just above... Continue Reading →

Creative Teaching Tools

The most basic creative teaching tool is a teacher's freedom to move away from standardized curriculum while staying focused on academic objectives. There is no one teaching or testing method that works well for every student. Children with the same... Continue Reading →

Make Your Joy Be Heard

Scrawled across the foggy hotel mirror, those words have altered the journey of my life. Forever. I wrote them as inspiration to myself and my two roommates on the morning of my first barbershop chorus competition. Singing has always been... Continue Reading →

My Fan Club

How big is my fan club? As little girls and boys, we had heroes, icons of theater, music, sports, or anything else that caught our eye. It became something we measured ourselves against and by. Holly Hobby Fan Club Kits... Continue Reading →

Mimosa Monday

Apparently, mid-February is a good time for a mimosa brunch. With most of our friends being older and less excitable over Valentine’s Day propaganda, the day off work provided by past presidents serves as well as any to bring friends... Continue Reading →

Processes of Culture Change: Acculturation

Culture is defined as the social customs, institutions, and achievements of a particular group of people. Cultures can be unique to specific regions, religious groups, ethnic groups, or families, to name a few. Acculturation occurs when one group adopts some... Continue Reading →

How much is too much? Or too fast?

In 2010, a car plowed through my neighbor’s house. In 2012, on Thanksgiving, our car was sideswiped by a hit and run driver. Last July, a car destroyed our hedges and fence, bouncing off our house just above the gas... Continue Reading →


Realizations are funny things. They strike us unexpectedly. “Out of the blue,” as it were. The white noise of random thoughts suddenly gives way to a clarity and an insight prior to unseen, unknown, unconsidered. Realizations are most profound when... Continue Reading →

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