Making a difference in the world, in the lives of those around you, or within your own mind is always an option, but it is often neglected. Distractions, commitments and valuable down-time push making a difference to the back burner. Have you turned on your stove?

Early American pioneers, aside from unfairly displacing millions of native residents, spoke out against tyranny through numerous pamphlets geared toward average citizens. These pamphlets pointed out the injustices being imposed by European royals, the inefficiencies of excessive government and declared the right to personal freedom.

How many of those personal freedoms have we lost? How many of our tax dollars are wasted on special interest groups? How many backroom deals have we funded, against our will and without our knowledge?

If you were to write one of these pamphlets today, what would your topic be? What would your call to action be? What changes would you call for?