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October 2016

Bullying Behavior – The Role of the Target

Bullying knows no bounds. It occurs at all age levels, in all environments, within all races and in all cultures. News and films are full of examples of bullying behavior and most people recognize the role. Arrogant, pompous, and generally... Continue Reading →


Bugs That Are Good For Your Garden

Bugs are insects that have piercing and sucking mouthparts. Most bugs are detrimental to your garden as they pierce and suck the life out of the leaves, stems, fruit and roots of your garden plants. Luckily, there are bugs that... Continue Reading →

Is Competition in School Helpful or Harmful to Students?

Competition is a poor substitute for the academic and social challenges that students should be facing in school. While challenges and competitions may both push students to perform, competition creates fear of failure whereas personal challenges present opportunities. Certainly, there... Continue Reading →

How to Write Lesson Plans for Multiple Learning Styles

Writing effective lesson plans requires a solid understanding of the curriculum, students' knowledge base, and the variety of learning styles present in each class. Writing lesson plans for multiple learning styles also creates the opportunity for students to build on... Continue Reading →

How to Keep House and Teach Your Children, Too

Long ago, people learned how to manage a household and raise their children by observing parents, usually their mother, as she went about her daily tasks. They would see and hear all the little details that go into keeping a... Continue Reading →

The Cycle of Social Evolution

Societies evolve in a series of cycles, very much like children develop in an upward spiral, facing the same issues but at different levels. In the same way, societies go through a predictable cycle of evolution that continuously repeats itself.... Continue Reading →

It’s Only Stuff

Working in Canyon Country as a property manager for a stunt man who was never there was the perfect job for me. Few interruptions and plenty of physical work, caring for the landscape, the chickens, and one ornery steer, left... Continue Reading →

Common Strategies For Managing Misbehavior in the Classroom

There are many strategies for dealing with misbehavior in the classroom. These strategies can focus on reward and punishment, assuming a more dominant role, Time Outs, withdrawing desirable activities or, in the worst case scenario, removal of the problem children... Continue Reading →

How to Raise Kids Who Want to Eat Healthy

Who in the world wants to eat Healthy? What did Healthy do to deserve such a fate? Raising kids who enjoy eating healthy food puts them on the path to wellness. It is not enough to sneak vegetables into other... Continue Reading →

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