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November 2016

Your Wife Has a Cold

Cold season sucks. Having a cold is worse. If your wife has a cold, you may feel like keeping your distance, carrying on as normal, or just sitting there like a bump on a log, unsure about how you can... Continue Reading →


Affordable Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

There is no need to spend an excessive amount of money on a memorable and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. If you are cooking, most of the ingredients used are on sale at this time of year and many families have pantries... Continue Reading →

Tips For Celebrating the Holidays Away From Home

In today's mobile society, it is common to find oneself away from loved ones during the holidays. This can add stress and sadness to a time that should be happy and filled with family and friends. There are many ways... Continue Reading →

Broke at Merry Christmas?

Religious or secular, the true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with money. Being broke during the holiday season need not interfere with gift-giving or your happiness. Getting together with loved ones, creating your own gifts and decorations, and... Continue Reading →

Good Choices

Some good choices are easy: stop at a red light, choose soup over cake, tell your family that you love them. Other choices are not so easy. Some issues have so many shades of grey that good choices can feel... Continue Reading →

Hold That Thought

I’ve never had a very good memory. Names and faces slip into obscurity within minutes. Voices last longer, and aromas seem to last forever in the annals of stored experience. What makes one type of thought stick, while others seem... Continue Reading →

Why Training in Trades Might Be Better Than College For Most

Everyone has heard the hype: without a college degree, you will never earn what you could with a degree. The reality is, the gifts most people possess can't be categorized or digitized with a test score and college isn't for... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reading

Illiteracy is a fence upon which you cannot sit. By not knowing how to read, a person's opportunities are painfully limited and those limits are passed on to their children. In countries where literacy rates are low, poverty levels, injustice,... Continue Reading →

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