Some good choices are easy: stop at a red light, choose soup over cake, tell your family that you love them.

Other choices are not so easy.

Some issues have so many shades of grey that good choices can feel like compromises. Other times, traditions, habits, and peer pressure make good choices impossible to see. And in some cases, you simply do not have enough information to make a good choice.

Take the current presidential election for example.

Media moguls tend to associate themselves with positions of power, leaning to the right or the left. Unfortunately, that means all of the other options are ignored or trivialized. Without accurate and unilaterally fair exposure in the media, independents, Libertarians, and other parties and platforms never get the coverage they deserve.

Without enough information, many families will continue to vote the party line out of long tradition. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as that party is still representing the values and beliefs of individual voters. Others will vote for the ideals held by the Big Two Party System, without realizing that those ideals are rarely, if ever, brought to be.

The scandals, criminal actions, and downright insanity of the 2016 Presidential election have people around the world feeling a bit nervous. Who can blame them? The President of these United States holds a lot of power.

So what’s a good choice? Do you choose the power-hungry madman? The criminally-minded trollop? Or the experienced, low key governors from New Mexico and Massachusetts? Does it matter that Weld was re-elected with a record-breaking 71% of the vote? Or that Johnson held Chevron’s feet to the fire when they left a toxic disaster behind? Or that Johnson vetoes 200 wasteful spending bills in his first 6 months as governor of Mew Mexico?

[Before getting all excited about the above insults, please keep in mind that the Clintons are both known personally as being highly promiscuous. Also, the criminal charges against Mrs. Clinton are genuine, and there’s no denying the bizarreness of some of Trump’s statements. I am simply trying to point out that most voters do not have enough information to make a good choice in the voting booth.]

You may not agree with everything the Libertarian Party stands for, but you may be surprised to learn, without the help of media, that you have a lot more in common than you think.

Find out who you really stand with here and here.