Everyone has heard the hype: without a college degree, you will never earn what you could with a degree. The reality is, the gifts most people possess can’t be categorized or digitized with a test score and college isn’t for everyone. As many as 30% of undergraduates end up where they started, or even worse, with student loan debt and still no degree. The demand for skilled labor continues to rise and many college graduates are left with mountains of debt and still no job.

Those able to find work are often frustrated with entry-level positions and salaries. Even law school graduates are finding the job market difficult to break in to and school loans hard to pay off.

Fast Results

Training in trades provides lucrative skills that are immediately marketable with a minimal investment of time or money. Rather than spending four or more years studying general academics, training in a trade focuses entirely on marketable skills that make finding a job faster and easier.

Big Demand

Economic complications make earning a good living critical to paying off educational loans. Training in a high demand trade provides students with jobs directly out of school, making it easier to pay off any debt that may have occurred. A recent study shows that 62% of companies who hired skilled tradesmen are unable to find workers. The jobs are available right now.

Useful Skills

There are many professional skills that are in high demand: carpenters, bakers, computer technicians and programmers, teachers, medics, farmers, and more. Students cannot learn how to be a good carpenter in a classroom and they cannot learn how to connect with employers and co-workers from a textbook.


Trade schools now offer affordable, online and local opportunities for learning marketable skills. There are no social distractions, costs are low, and there are an ever-growing number of reputable vocational schools that offer training in careers such as medical administration assistants, billing specialists, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and many more. Students are able to focus entirely on gaining marketable skills in a surprisingly short period of time when they attend trade school.

In today’s world, the skilled trades are desperate for experienced, talented workers. Since high schools rarely offer extensive training in the trades, students often graduate without the skills they need. Many individuals find themselves far better off by learning a marketable trade through vocational education, rather than spending time and money learning art history, quadratic equations, and Beer Pong.

With financial aid readily available and fast turnaround times, training in trades provides access to a lucrative career that professional artisans can count on for a lifetime.