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December 2016

Lies of Childhood

Every fairytale has an evil queen, a mean ogre, or something along those lines. But how did they get that way? Were they born bad tempered and power hungry? And what can we do about the bullies in our immediate... Continue Reading →


Holiday Plant Care

Poinsettias, Amaryllis, and miniature Christmas trees make delightful gifts during the holiday season, but they need special care to last. Two plants couldn’t be more different than poinsettias and miniature pine trees, and their care is equally different. In each... Continue Reading →

Holiday Safety

The holiday season brings many changes to your home: visitors, decorations, trees, gifts, candles, cords and lots of excitement. Pets and children are running around the house. Guests are drinking. Candles, tree lights, extra baking projects and chafing dishes all... Continue Reading →

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