I left home with the circus in 1973, when I was 13, to wash elephants and elephant trucks. The $20/day I earned felt like a windfall until I learned that carnies made $25/day, so I moved to the Glass Pitch where I worked, off and on, for 4-1/2 years.

I have worked training dogs, tutoring, making costumes & props, driving a goat cart, as a bookkeeper, store manager, waitress, bartender, project manager, teacher, headmistress, and through all of that I have been a writer.

The gypsy lifestyle has always suited me. After earning my BA in Business Management from the UW, I married a Marine and had two wonderful children, now grown. I divorced and remarried another Marine (love those uniforms!). I earned my MS in Education from ODU and worked as a teacher for a while before opening a successful private school in Virginia. A messy divorce closed its doors, so I bought an RV and traveled the country for 5 years, writing articles and working odd jobs to make ends meet until an abusive boyfriend forced me to rethink my tactics.

So far, I have published over a million words and two books, but no one knows who I am. Yet.